We write to taste life twice.

Anais Nin

About me

A corporate-America-escapee* and an Aquarius, I’m passionate about self-growth through self-discovery and self-improvement. I’m obsessed with quotes, and I’m someone who (regrettably) learns the hard way – by making mistakes and then trying to “do better next time” – throughout every age and stage of life.

I believe that we are all connected – the journey of one’s life contains universal truths. I also believe that we are more alike than we are different.

“We find ourselves not independently of other people and institutions but rather through them. We never get to the bottom of ourselves on our own.”     – Robert N. Bellah

Mr. Bellah nailed it, didn’t he? This has certainly been my experience. I’m so very grateful for the many, many people who, over the course of my lifetime, have allowed me a glimpse into their world. As a result, I’ve been comforted, inspired, taught and molded by what I’ve seen. This is why I share my life’s stories in this blog; because I believe that I’m not the only one living through all of this stuff and that somebody out there might benefit somehow from having a glimpse into my world.

Being Ginny is a blog where I post my inspirations, loves, passions, life experiences and things that simply make me smile. I share all of this with you in hopes that you find the same and benefit somehow from reading my posts.

*You can read my professional bio on my consulting company’s website www.cultivatelife.net